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Adoption Application

Please be thorough—incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please read all of the following adoption information before applying. By hitting the submit button below you agree that you have read and understand all of this information.

To help ensure the best possible placement of our rescued dogs and to help us determine that the proposed adoption is in the best interest of both the dog and you and your family, please complete and submit this application before inquiring about a specific dog. When we receive an application that lists a specific dog from the available list, we will do our best to process that application within one day. If you apply on a weekend and your veterinarian is closed we will do our best to process the application the next business day. If you are not ready to adopt at this time please note on the application when you will be ready. Applications that we receive that do not specify any of our available dogs will be held until the applicant notifies us that there is an available dog they would like to adopt.

We keep applications active for 2 months. If a match has not been found during that time, please contact us to keep your application active. If you acquire a dog from another source, please notify us so we can deactivate your application.

We only place dogs within a 4-hour drive of the Denver metro area. We do NOT place animals in homes where current or past pets are not properly vaccinated, not on heartworm preventative, or not spayed or neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so, or the animal is actively being shown in conformation. We only place dogs in homes where they will be indoor pets and never left outdoors when no one is home. Click here for more information on the alarming rise in dog thefts.

For all puppies and almost all of our dogs, a fenced yard is required.  It may be possible for a well-socialized, leash-trained adult or senior sheltie to do fine in a condo/townhouse/apartment environment, where all outside activities take place on a leash.  We would determine this on a case by case basis.  We don't approve invisible/electric fences, dog runs, or tie out chains.  For an explanation of why we do not approve invisible fences click here.

Shelties adopted from us must be kept on heartworm preventative, and must be placed on Interceptor.  Heartworm preventatives containing ivermectin have proven toxic and even fatal to some Shelties. 

We do not adopt out dogs that will be given as gifts. The person interested in adopting must fill out the application and be involved in the process of selecting the dog best suited for their situation.

Adults in the household of the prospective adopter are the people who need to apply.  Occasionally, we get applications from children and teens on behalf of their families.  We realize that having a dog is a decision for the entire family, but we need to hear from parents.

Adoption fees:
Puppies up to 1 year - $300.00
Dogs 1-4 years - $250.00
Dogs 5-9 years - $200.00
Dogs 10+ years - $100.00

These adoption fees include:
--Comprehensive veterinary physical exam
--Spay or neuter
--Rabies shot
--DA2PP (Distemper/Parvo combo shot)
--Bordetella shot (Kennel Cough)
--Heartworm Test and 6 months worth of Interceptor tablets
--Dental cleaning if needed
--Any other medical needs addressed
--Temperament evaluation
--A medical history record comes with each dog.

Submit the Adoption Application below.  Your application will be reviewed by one of our volunteers.  When we receive the application we will contact your vet reference and personal references. Then we will contact you to discuss the particular dog you are interested in adopting. A home visit is required prior to adoption.

The next step is for the entire family who will be living in the home and their current pets to meet the rescue dog.   We usually do this at the same time as the home visit. If everything looks positive, the prospective adopter fills out and signs the adoption contract. The adoption contract is a contractual agreement to provide safe, loving and healthy environments, click here to review our adoption contract.  Adoption fees must be paid at the time of adoption. We do not accept partial payment for adoption. Adoption fees are refundable within 2 weeks of adoption if the dog is not a good match and is returned to us in the same condition they were in when placed in your home (i.e. no new illnesses or injuries). Regardless of the length of time in an adoptive home if you cannot keep a dog adopted from us it must be returned to us.

Remember, our first priority is the dog and we must do what is best for him/her.  We do not place dogs in homes that we believe will not work out, so please respect our decision.

Our dogs can come from a variety of situations.  We get dogs out of shelters, owner turn-ins, dogs found running loose, dogs who are abandoned because of their owners' death, dogs used for breeding at puppy mills, etc.  We treat any medical condition the dog has. Then we spay/neuter every dog (no exceptions), bring them current on distemper, parvo, bordatella and rabies vaccines, heartworm test them and begin them on heartworm protection. The dog is bathed, groomed, and put into a foster home for evaluation. Each dog stays in their foster home until the temperament is known and a good match can be made. We do not place aggressive dogs or known biters.  Some dogs may have issues from their prior life that must be worked through. We advise on any known issues prior to adoption and are available to provide follow up support for the rest of the dogs life.  Rescue dogs have plenty of love, affection and gratitude to give, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you saved a dog.

We do not have a shelter. Dogs live in our homes as fosters.  It is not possible to go to a "shelter" or central facility to view all our dogs. 


Today's date:
First name:
Last name:
Your street address:
Home phone:
Fax number:
Email address:
Driver's license or identification number:
Your occupation:
Work phone:
Name of employer:
How long there?
Spouse's occupation:
Spouse's work phone:
    Where did you hear about us?

Have you owned pets before?
Yes No  
If yes, list the kinds and numbers you've owned in the past 7 years:
If no, why do you want a pet now?
Do you still have the pet(s) listed above:
Yes No  
If not, why not and what happened to the pet(s)?
What pets do you currently own? List kinds and numbers of each:
Are they spayed or neutered?

If no, why not?
We do NOT place animals in homes where current or past pets are not spayed/neutered or not properly vaccinated and not on preventatives, unless a veterinarian verifies that there is a medical reason for not doing so. Why?

Why do you want a Sheltie?
Have you owned a Sheltie before?
Yes No
How have you educated yourself about this breed of dog?

Please list your preference regarding the following:
Sex of dog:
Female Either
Color of dog:
Age of dog (list minimum and maximum):
Are you applying for a dog currently listed on our website? If yes, which one?
Will you consider something other than your stated preference?
Yes No  
We frequently receive bonded pairs of dogs. Would you consider adopting a pair who need to stay together? Yes No  

List names and ages of all people living in your household, if children visit freqently please list their ages as well:
Do you
own rent   your home?
If renting, do you have your landlord's permission to keep dogs?
Yes No
Can you provide us with such permission in writing?
Yes No

How long have you lived at your current address?
Where will you keep the dog while you are gone during the day?
During the night?
During family absences overnight?

Do you have a fenced yard?
Yes No
If yes, how large is the fenced area, what kind of fencing is used, and how high is it? Please note we do not consider an invisible fence, or boundary training appropriate for a rescue Sheltie.
If no, how will you exercise the dog, confine him, and provide for his need to eliminate?

What is the maximum number of hours your dog will be left alone during a 24-hour period?
Where will he spend his time?
Do you object to the discriminate use of a crate?
Yes No  
Do you have a crate?
Yes     No  
Would you get one?
Yes No  
What will you do if your dog is destructive when left alone?
Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your dog?
Yes No  
Have you ever trained a dog before?
Yes No  

Have you ever surrendered a pet of yours to an animal shelter?
Yes   No
If yes, why?
Have you ever sold or given away one of your pets?
Yes No
If yes, why?
Can you afford to spend at least $1000 per year for food and routine medical care for your pet?
Yes No

Has anyone in your immediate family/household ever been convicted of a charge related to cruelty to animals or child abuse?
Yes No
Is there any such charge pending?
Yes No
Has any such charge ever been filed?
Yes No
If yes to any of the above, please explain and give disposition of charge:

Name of veterinarian:
  Please note we require a vet reference who has most recently seen your current pets, or last saw previous pets. All current pets must be spayed or neutered, current on vaccines, preventatives and exams, and past pets must have been kept current on those things.

Please provide the names and phone numbers of two non-related individuals who can serve as references:
May we visit your home and check your references to verify the information you have provided?

What are the requirements for dog ownership in your community?
How many pets may you legally have?
Are dogs required to be vaccinated against rabies?

What will you do with your dog if you move?
Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?
Yes No
How much time per day will you spend with your dog?
What kind of dog food will you feed (be specific):
What hobbies do you have in which you could include your dog?

What circumstances, in your mind, justify getting rid of a dog?
What would you do with the dog if the above circumstances occurred?
What do you and your home environment have to offer a Sheltie that has been neglected or abandoned?

Are you aware of the fees our rescue organization charges? See above
Yes No

Thank you for taking time to complete this application.
By clicking the Submit button, you attest to the truthfulness of your answers and that you have read and understand our adoption process. Falsification of any of the above information will be grounds to disallow your adoption of a rescue dog. This rescue service reserves the right to refuse any adoption.

If you experience any difficulty submitting this form, please contact us by phone at 303-783-5772 or by email at for further instructions.

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