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We need guardian angels for Skittles.

If you can help us help Skittles please send your tax deductable donation to:
Colorado Sheltie Rescue
PO Box 2352
Englewood, CO 80150

UPDATE 7/28/06: SKITTLES had the other plate removed and has been adopted by her new family. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for Skittles to have a happy ending.

UPDATE 7/5/06: SKITTLES had the plate on one of her legs removed on Monday. She is doing well. In another month she will have the other plate removed and then she will be ready to be adopted by the family who has been waiting patiently to adopt her.

UPDATE 3/23/06: SKITTLES had surgery to repair both of her legs on Monday the 20th. She had bone grafts from her hip onto each wrist and she has a plate in each leg which is attached to her leg and her foot. These plates will need to be removed in 6-9 months. She is doing fairly well with her recovery so far.

Due to the overwhelming number of applications we have already received to adopt Skittles we are no longer accepting applications on her. We will keep her page updated so everyone who donated to help her can follow her progress. Thanks to all of you it looks like she will have many years left with her improved wrists.

SKITTLES is a very sweet, 4 pound, 6 year old female Pomeranian. She came to us after a Good Samaritan rescued her from an owner who was trying to give her away on the side of a road.

As you can see from the pictures her front feet are severely deformed. This is a result of both of her wrists being dislocated and not repaired. Years of walking on her wrists have caused her toes to turn sideways. This is very painful for her.

We are going to do surgery on both of her front legs which will fuse those joints. We will be insterting plates to hold her feet in place. This should reduce her pain, but there is nothing we can do to fix the damage that has already been done to her feet.

As if that wasn't enough for this poor little girl she also had three large mammary tumors. We had them removed when she was spayed and had her teeth cleaned. All three of the tumors were benign.

Those of you who watch our website regularly know that we do everything we can for any dog that comes into our care. As our name implies we started out just rescuing Shelties. As the years have gone by we have come across more and more Pomeranians in need of help.

Since there is not a Pomeranian rescue in our area we try to help them when we can. We receive no support from any Pomeranian club, or national rescue group for these dogs. Because of this when a dog like Skittles comes along we have to ask our supporters for help.